Compassionate, Highly Individualized 1:1 Physician Coaching

So you can love your life on your terms, both at work and at home.

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~ You put so much effort into fulfilling your childhood dreams, but you never considered how hard it would be to enjoy the life you created for yourself.

~ You thought going part-time would give you the balance you craved, but instead you feel like you’re struggling to succeed as both a physician and a mother.

~ You’ve always excelled at everything you put your mind to and researched your way to the answers, so why does parenting your complex kids seem so impossible?

~ You’ve shifted out of clinical medicine or maybe you’re taking some time at home, and now you’re riddled with guilt that you’re not working hard enough because you believe you should be able to juggle it all.

~ You work so hard to be everything for everyone but you tend to forget to take care of yourself.


I’m so glad you found me. You’ve come to the right place. I know how to liberate you from your thoughts, so you can unapologetically love the life you’ve worked so hard to create. You’ve made so many sacrifices, it’s now time for you to enjoy all that you’ve accomplished. I will teach you how to take charge of your mind so you can thrive at work, at home, at parenting and in all of your relationships, most importantly the one with yourself.

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I cannot say enough amazing things about working with Tracy. It truly has been life-altering, empowering and has changed how I approach relationships, parenting, challenges and life in general. I attribute so much growth, peace and mindfulness from our sessions. I actually was not seeking to work extensively with a life coach, but instead had a very limited question that I needed guidance in answering. I planned on only doing a few sessions, but as soon as I started working with Tracy, we immediately clicked and I found the tools and insights I was gaining immensely useful, if not necessary, in all the other aspects of my life. I had worked with another life coach previously and found it fairly helpful, but the depth, thoroughness, insight, compassion and skill that Tracy brought to our sessions yielded so much more growth in such a short amount of time. While in the middle of working with Tracy, I had a major life event occur that deeply impacted myself and my family. An event like this previously felt insurmountable to me, but using the skills that Tracy helped me to discover and working through the challenges with her aided me in not just getting through the event but actually growing and thriving in the midst of it and, more importantly, after it. 

As a busy professional and mother, time is my most scarce resource and it often feels like there is not enough time for anything, much less coaching. I have found however, that coaching has in fact given me more time — I have learned to cut down on external pressures and distracting noise and focus the time and energy I have on the things that truly give meaning to me. Through this process and with Tracy’s skillful guidance, I have found that I am more resilient than I ever thought and I have learned better how to build a life that is more peaceful, mindful and intentional.

– Vanessa D, Internal Medicine